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Tex Hill

This is the official web site for the "Tex" Hill Wing, named for and authorized by David Lee "Tex" Hill, one of the famous Flying Tigers of World War II. 

Tex Hill later years
Chuck & Tex Hill

The "Tex" Hill Wing was originally formed in Fredricksburg, Texas in 2003 as the "Nimitz Memorial Wing", and renamed for flying ace David Lee "Tex" Hill with his permission in 2005. The Wing moved to the Hondo Army Air Field  in Hondo, Texas in 2008, where it hosted annual aviation events in honor of our veterans and active duty military. In 2017, the wing moved to Stinson Aiport in San Antonio. It is headquartered in Hangar 3.


When the "Tex" Hill Wing moved to San Antonio, it came with the intent to fully support Stinson Airport's educational outreach initiative. As many have begun to realize, the meaning behind the great symbols of World War II, including the many different aircraft and those who flew them, has begun to fade with time. 

Eventually, all the stories, heroism, bravery, and self-sacrifice of those who became known as the "Greatest Generation" will be gone. To ensure that that does not happen, Stinson Airport has launched its initiative. Of particular importance to the "Tex" Hill Wing is preserving the legacy of our namesake, David Lee "Tex" Hill, as a WWII fighter ace.

SNJ-4 pic 01

We have begun our preservation effort with the adoption of an SNJ-4 "Ole Yeller", not unlike  what "Tex" would have flown in during his pilot training days with the U.S. Navy, prior to joining the Army Air Corp. He would go on to become one of the famous Flying Tigers, flying a P-40 with shark's teeth painted on the engine cowling. Later he flew a P-51 Mustang. Both of these aircraft are on the "Tex" Hill Wing's wish list. 

tex hill p-40

Here is a short video about remembrance of our nation's heroes:


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