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This is the official web site for the "Tex" Hill Wing, named for and authorized by David Lee "Tex" Hill, one of the famous Flying Tigers of World War II. For an interesting story of the Flying Tigers in Burma, click here to see an article in Life magazine dated March 30, 1942.

Tex Hill

The "Tex" Hill Wing was originally formed in Fredricksburg, Texas and named for flying ace David Lee "Tex" Hill in 2005. It moved to the Hondo Army Air Field  in Hondo, Texas in 2008, where it hosted annual aviation events in honor of our veterans and active duty military. In 2017, the wing moved to Stinson Aiport in San Antonio.


When the "Tex" Hill Wing made the move to Hondo, it immediately saw that the airport was of historic importance. Here, during World War II many thousands of airmen were trained as Navigators, destined to guide American bombers to their targets in both the European and Pacific theaters. 


"Fortresses Under Fire" by Keith Ferris


During the Korean War (1951-1959), the airport was re-activated as the Hondo Air Base, training the pilots who would fly combat missions in Korea and Vietnam.

The artifacts donated to the "Tex" Hill Wing while it was located at the airport, now the South Texas Regional Airport, are to be displayed in the airport terminal, honoring those who worked and trained there.

Medina County Fair booth 2
Medina County Fair booth

While in Hondo, the Wing participated in the Medina County Fair, Christmas in God's County, and Welcome New Teachers to name a few. Here are pictures from one of our Medina County Fair booth exhibits. 

The kids in the bottom picture are holding souvenir pictures of Hondo Army Air Field graduate navigator Jack T. Hardwick, his fellow crewmen, and their B-17 aircraft "Minnie the Mooch". 

We look forward to being active in educational outreach programs at Stinson Airport. Watch for late breaking news about upcoming events there.


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