Ole Yeller Is Home!

June 21, 2017. It was a short trip. Depart San Marcos, arrive Stinson Airport. Uneventful. The pilot, Col. David Oliver, Vice President of CAF Operations, was at the controls. 

He said Ole Yeller performed smoothly, as though she knew she was headed to a new tour of duty, and was eager to get to it.

And, for the "Tex" Hill Wing, it was a very exciting thing to happen on a late morning, hot Wednesday.

Our SNJ had arrived at its new home! We gave her a water cannon salute, rolled out red carpet, and everyone clapped their approval.

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IMG 2833

There was cake and punch, a round of toasts, lots of hands touching her and cameras clicking. She was made to feel totally welcome in her new home.

Finally, the crowd subsided, and it was time to park Ole Yeller in her hangar.

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Now begins the real work of an engine overhaul, some restoration maintenance, culminating in a new paint job. She will proudly wear the Commemorative Air Force logo, indicating she is one of the squadron. She will also wear a "Tex" Hill Wing logo to show that she is ours to enjoy.

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